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      “I now perceive life as more beautiful, I pay attention to the good things that surround me that I never noticed before” – Veronica, Bolivia


      “Never thought how clear my heart would talk to me. Now I see everything more clear.” – Virginia, California, USA


      “I wish I had known this 20 years ago. I would have lived my life so differently.” – Bettino, Bolivia


       “I could feel again, I could laugh again, I gained more confidence in myself, in my future, in the Universe and in the entire process.”  - Sevestiana, The Netherlands


      “I used to lay awake at night, worrying about everything. Now I am much more at peace and fall asleep immediately.” – Ayde, Bolivia


      “I have more energy than ever before!” – Annette, The Netherlands


      • Christine

        "I was surprised how easy it was to move out of frustration and into excitement." - Cristine Dunn- Cunningham

      • Veronica

         "My problems turned out to be much smaller and easier to overcome than I imagined." - Veronica

      • Jason Rosado

        "My issues were resolved quickly and easily"- Jason Rosado

    • The mind says: when everything in my life is working well, I will be at peace


      The heart says: let me find inner peace first, and everything else in my life will fall into place


      One day I was thinking to myself: "I wish I had more time". Suddenly I heard a soft and gentle voice replying: "Ok, how much time do you need? Would two years be enough?"   Would two years be enough? What do you mean? Two years after the day I would otherwise pass away? I do not even know how long I will live, what age I will reach. This is absurd.   "No, no, I do not want more time later, I

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      “One of the best feelings in the world is realizing that you’re perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed most”- Marxie   What do you think you need to make you feel good? What would make you feel happy?   We use to think that if our circumstances are good, then we will feel good. But what if it actually happened the other way around? What if, when you feel good, you open up

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