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  • “One of the best feelings in the world is realizing that you’re perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed most”- Marxie


    What do you think you need to make you feel good? What would make you feel happy?


    We use to think that if our circumstances are good, then we will feel good. But what if it actually happened the other way around? What if, when you feel good, you open up to let in all the good things that life has to offer you?


    We use to think that once we accomplish this thing in our lives, then we will be happy. That in order to be happy, we need something external. Oh, if only I had a partner, oh if I had more money, oh if I had better health, whatever. But that is just an illusion. You always have the choice to start being happy now, start feeling good now. You have everything you need to be happy in this moment.


    We often think that our circumstances – where we live, what we have, what we earn and so on – have a big effect on how happy we are. However, these things tend to have much less impact than most people expect. Instead, research suggests that a big part of how happy we are is determined by our attitude and choices, rather than our circumstances.


    So we have an opportunity to make ourselves and others happier by the way we approach our lives and the actions we choose to take. It means that some simple daily actions can have a positive impact on how happy we are and how happy we make the people around us.


    And the beautiful thing about it is that once you start feeling good, you do not need all those things in your life anymore to make you feel good, because you already are in that good feeling space! And from this space you start attracting more things that make you feel good in a graceful way.

    There are many ways to start feeling good, without changing your outer circumstances. So how can you get into that good feeling place?


    1. Gratitude.- Start appreciating the things you already have in your life. If you start looking for it, love and beauty can be found anywhere. There is so much to be grateful for and appreciate. One of the ways to receive more is to spend time appreciating what you have, expressing and feeling gratitude for what is working well. Acknowledge even the simplest things – the flowers you see or smell, the heart-warming smile of a child, the food you eat – and you will soon find the Universe sending you even more good things, for gratitude is magnetic.


    2. Commit random acts of kindness.- Ask yourself “How can I serve?” Taking your focus off “What can I get?”, and shift it to “How can I serve?” is a very powerful way to get into a better feeling place. First of all it will take your mind off your problems. But most importantly serving others raises your vibration. Did you know that an act of kindness does not only make the receiver and the giver feel better, but also has a positive influence on the feelings of an observer of this act of kindness?


    By practicing extending kindness everywhere, you’ll find support showing up in ways that you could never have predicted. If you say with kindness in your voice and in your heart “How may I serve you?”, the Universe’s response will be “How may I serve you as well?”


    3. Meditation.- You can use meditation to shift into a more relaxed, positive, clear and focused inner state. Meditation can help you reduce anxiety, increase self-confidence and having a deeper connection with yourself. Meditation is a great way to get connected to that inner space of peace, of trust, of deeply knowing that all is well. Even only 10 minutes of daily meditation can have a significant and lasting impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


    There are many different styles of meditation, including but not limited to breathe meditation, body scan, mantra meditation and music meditation. The best style of meditation is the one that feels right for you. You may decide to experiment with a few different styles and find the meditation that feels best for you.




    I would like to invite you to start implementing these three simple steps in your daily life, and discover for yourself how they can contribute to your happiness. If you find it difficult to meditate by yourself, you can use my guided meditation to release stress and anxiety. Click here to download my free guided meditation, so you can experience this beautiful space of inner peace for yourself.

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