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    1. You influence your own reality.- You play an important role in your life. Life is not just happening to you, you are an important part of it. You are responsible for your own life. You are in charge. The only person who can make the best of your life is you. Yes, things happen in your life, but it is up to you how you perceive it, how you respond to it and what you do with it. You influence your own reality with your thoughts, your beliefs, your intentions, your actions and your feelings. You influence your life with your energy.  There is a relationship between the way you feel and the things that show up in your life. Some call this the law of Attraction. I rather call it connecting or disconnecting to the flow of life, allowing or resisting the source of all well-being. The more you let go of resistance and negative energy, the more you get into that allowing space and connect to the flow, the more you open up to receive the beautiful blessings in your life. Once you become aware of your own manifestation power, you can deliberately choose to focus on feeling better, so you become an energetic match to better feeling manifestations.


    2. You have a choice in each moment.- Regardless of your current reality, you are at choice. You can choose to look at the one thing in your life that isn't working and complain about it, or you can look at the 999 things that are going well, and be grateful for them. You can look at what you do not have, or you can look at what you do have. You can choose to be mediocre, or you can choose to be excellent. You can choose to suppress your feelings, judging them as inappropriate, or you can choose to allow your feelings as they naturally arise. You can choose to let fear dominate your life, or you can choose for the love. You can listen to the limiting voice of your mind, or you can listen to the wise and loving voice of your heart. You can live life as a victim, or you can choose to take responsibility for your life. You can choose to worry about the future or suffer from something that happened in the past, or you can choose to be fully present in this moment. What are you choosing in each moment? The choice is yours.


    3. You are safe.- The Universe is a friendly place. You are loved, cherished and supported unconditionally. It means there is no real reason to fear, to feel unsafe, to doubt or to feel insecure. Your mind may tell you so, but if you listen to your heart, you will know that all is well, and it always is.When you truly believe that the Universe is a friendly place, you have the courage to do what you really want to do, to be who you really want to be, trusting that whatever path you choose, all will work out well. The fear pretends to protect you, but sometimes fear works as a prison, the protection is illusory, because it keeps you safe in a place where you are not truly happy.


    In my life I have made choices that reflect my hopes and dreams, rather than my fears: I traveled around the world for almost three years, making money on the way; I lived and worked in extremely remote rural areas in Nepal and Bolivia, having two small children; I left my successful career as water engineer, and started a new career as spiritual life coach. I did all these things and I am still alive. And I'm probably feeling much more alive than if I would have chosen for safety, security and protection. What would you do different in your life, if you truly believed that the Universe was a friendly place?

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