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    My name is Saskia Fokkink. I am a Spiritual Life Coach and Healer. It is my passion to help you connect to the flow of life, to the source of all well-being. When you are in the flow, magic happens and wonderful things will flow to you naturally, but the best part of it is that it feels so good!


    I show you how to connect to your inner power and inner wisdom, so you can achieve anything you truly desire, living a life of freedom, joy, peace, happiness and fulfillment. I inspire you to get in touch with your true essence and follow the desires of your heart. I help you release any stuck energy, emotional pains, fears or doubts that may be in your way, so life becomes a joyful experience, instead of a struggle. More courage, more inner peace, more energy, more fun, more fulfillment, more laughter, more sincerity, more self-acceptance, more joy, more present- in-the-moment, more well-being, more meaning, more pureness, more self-love.


    Ask for a free "Get-in-the-Flow" Coaching Session at saskia@saskialifecoaching.com , so you can start feeling good today, no matter what is going on in your life. 


    I care about you. I believe in you. I am here for you.

  • Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Extraordinary Coach, Reiki Coach, Instant Miracle Coach, Peace Process Practitioner, Energy Healer


    Saskia Fokkink is the author of "From San Lucas, with my whole heart; about life in the Bolivian Andes" and co-author of "the Gratitude Book 2013; celebrating 365 days of gratitude". She regularly writes articles for the online magazine Simply Inspired.


    Saskia Fokkink has been travelling the world for many years, and has been living in different countries, working in the development sector as water engineer. She now lives with her husband and two children in Bolivia, the country of her dreams.

  • "One day I received this email, with a referral to the QSCA Coaching Academy. I listened to the video message and it profoundly touched my heart. I did not know anything about life coaching, neither about the Law of Attraction, but I knew this was for me. My destiny had found me! Despite the apparent obstacles (I did not have the money at that time, so needed to borrow it; I was just about to start a full time job, so would hardly have any time), I decided to register for the program. I am so glad I did! Life coaching has made a profound difference in my life and allows me to make a difference in other people's lives too!  I encourage you to listen to your heart when it is talking to you and follow your bliss. I promise you: you will not regret it!"  Love, Saskia