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  • One day I was thinking to myself: "I wish I had more time". Suddenly I heard a soft and gentle voice replying: "Ok, how much time do you need? Would two years be enough?"


    Would two years be enough? What do you mean? Two years after the day I would otherwise pass away? I do not even know how long I will live, what age I will reach. This is absurd.


    "No, no, I do not want more time later, I want more time now."


    "Oh, ok, I see. So how much time do you need now?"


    In that moment I realized how absurd my request was, and I realized that what I wanted had actually nothing to do with time.


    When I was a little girl, I had asthma. Whenever one of my friends would give a birthday party, I would get so excited, that I would get an asthma attack and miss out the entire party. So somehow I still have the desire to take part in all the good things in life, to not miss out on anything. But sometimes I stuff my day full with so many things, that it is just too much. The solution is not having more time, the solution is scheduling less things to do in your day.


    When you wish you had more time, it rarely ever really is about having more time. We rush through life, trying to get faster to a future moment, in which we believe things to be better than they are now. You may feel you are not successful enough in this moment, so you want more time to get more things done. You may feel you are missing something, so you want more time to be able to participate in everything. You may feel you are not enjoying enough in this moment, so you want more time to enjoy, after having finished all the things you think you should be doing. You may feel you are not good enough, as you are now, so you want more time to get all the things done, managed, achieved, to prove how good you are. Wishing you had more time, most times is about something else that you believe you do not have enough in your life now. On the surface it may appear as not having enough time. But when you have the courage to dig a little deeper, you may discover that what you really want has nothing to do with time.


    We stuff our day full with things we believe we should be doing, and then complain we do not have enough time. If you have ever been to a remote community in Bolivia, you may have found that having enough time is just a perception. You can witness a group of people sitting under a tree all day long, just talking and laughing and doing nothing, watching the day pass by. In Western modern society we have a hard time just being, do nothing. We think we should be doing something, we think we should be getting somewhere.


    But where are you going? Why are you in a hurry? Do you realize that everything you are looking for is here, now? Do you think you need to get somewhere? Just stop for a moment and notice where you are.


    Wanting more time has something in it of trying to get somewhere, where you are not. But it is not about getting there, it is about being here. When you are here, fully present in the here and now, you do not need to get anywhere, you do not need any time for anything. You are just living your life one moment at the time, and enjoying the journey, wherever it may take you.


    Whenever you catch yourself during the day wishing you had more time, just pause for a moment and ask yourself: What do I need in this very moment? What is lacking in this very moment? Not in a minute, not in an hour or in a week, but in this very moment. You may find that all you are looking for, is already right here, right now. You may find that this very moment is a wonderful moment. You may find that in this very moment, you have everything you need, including all the time of the world.

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